10 Ways to Prevent Osteoporosis That Are WAY More Effective Than Drinking Milk


Osteoporosis is a disease that greatly affects women more when compared to men. You can naturally prevent osteoporosis in women by taking precautions and living a healthy lifestyle. Environmental factors as well as genetics cans cause osteoporosis. The disease causes bones in the body to become brittle over time, causing them to be easier to break. There a few very natural and easy ways you can  prevent osteoporosis. The main form of prevention is exercise. Of course diet and lifestyle is important as well.

Prevent osteoporosis with regular exercise.

Exercise is an important factor in preventing osteoporosis. Regular exercise is needed for overall health and it is recommended that adults get at least 30 minutes of physical activity per day. Exercising regularly can reduce bone loss and best results are seen when women start exercising young. Lifting weights can help strengthen bones and muscles. By combining weight-bearing exercises, you can target different ares of the body and make bones stronger. You can also increase balance and posture with exercise as well.

Calcium prevents osteoporosis.

Calcium is needed in our bodies to sustain life. Calcium is needed for not only our bones, but it also helps our blood clot, kidneys function and more. The body naturally loses calcium through, sweat, blood , nails etc. When the body is not getting enough calcium it can attack the bones and break them down to replenish the calcium. The average adult needs about 1,000 MG a day, after the age of 50  women need 1,200 MG a day. Dark, leafy green vegetables, soy, cereal and salmon are good sources of calcium.

Prevent osteoporosis with adequate Vitamin D.

Without Vitamin D our bodies can’t absorb calcium. While the exact amount to Vitamin D needed daily is not known, it’s recommended adults consume between 600-800 IU daily.

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