93% of Pregnant Women Found Full of Monsanto’s GMO Bt Toxins (and their babies too!)


Bacillus thuringiensis (or Bt) is a kind of bacteria found in the dirt that is commonly used as a pesticide on plants. How it works is the bug eats the Bt toxin (as crystals or spores) and then those spores bind in the gut of the insect. The crystals then rupture the gut lining and in the process kill the bug. These are the kinds of pesticides that are being found in the bodies of women and their children. How are these still legal?

Have you heard of the genetically modified Bt toxin implemented into Monsanto’s GMO Bt crops such as corn and soy as a biopesticide? Maybe you have, but did you know that this registered insecticide is showing up in people around the world? A Canadian Hospital tested for Bt toxins in the blood serum of pregnant women and their unborn babies by sending their umbilical cord blood to a lab. Their findings were more than troubling.

In 1995, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registered the first Bt plant-incorporated protectants for use in the United States. Since then, the EPA has registered 11 Bt plant-incorporated protectants, although 5 of these registrations are no longer active.

In October 2001, the EPA extended the registration of Bt corn for an additional 7 years and the registration of Bt cotton for an additional 5 years, while leaving the registration decision for Bt potato unchanged.

The Study’s Findings

Bt toxins were found in 93% of the women tested and 80% of their unborn babies at the Sherbrooke Hospital in Canada. This study is a bit older, but remarkably, no follow-up study or action has been taken against Monsanto for so obviously contaminating women and their unborn babies with a known carcinogen. We know fetuses are very vulnerable as they grow into full-grown babies – so why would any mother knowingly want to expose their babies to Bt toxins? They don’t, of course – the problem is that most mothers don’t realize it is a danger.

This is an excerpt from the article hosted by INFOWars.com and you can read the complete article here.

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