How a Coconut Cleanse Can Cure Fatigue (and a TON of other chronic health conditions)

I’ve come to Brazil with six others to see whether a period of fasting can boost my immune system and build up my strength.Starting now, for the next eight days we will drink only coconut water. In the evenings, we will have a bowl of vegetable and miso soup, taking in 400-600 calories daily.

After gulping down lots of coconut water we arrive at our destination, a beautiful house above a stunning stretch of beach. This is our playground, Dr O’Flynn explains. For the cleanse to work we must exercise moderately for at least four hours a day, anything that will keep us moving.

It is a curious thing to realise I am not hungry but I do notice the absence of feeling full. I begin to think about how often I reach for food merely because I like the fullness in my stomach. It helps to be distracted. We go paddleboarding and whale watching. This is a holiday, a ‘cleanscation’ as the genial Dr O’Flynn jokingly calls it.
That “leaky gut” releases cytokines and interleukins and can cause depression, fatigue, bloating, skin rashes, anxiety, headache, aches, constipation and allergic reactions. By fasting for a week or more we “dial down the noise” in the immune system, allowing it to recover and, over time, to reset.I come back 11lb lighter and full of energy. Every day I swim for an hour or walk for two. Tests taken before and after the cleanse show a dramatic change. I’m no longer anaemic and my liver enzymes, raised for many years, are normal.

This will continue if I eliminate those foods which I learn, through trial and error, are affecting my small intestine, says Dr O’Flynn. I may have to reboot every once in a while with another fast. “I’m not on a beautiful beach any more,” I protest. “How can I possibly keep this up in London?”

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