The EPA knew glyphosate was causing cancer 30 years ago! This is how Monsanto kept it hidden

Monsanto secret

As a Health Avenger, I was not surprised to learn that glyphosate, Monsanto’s weapon of choice, caused cancer. I’m sure you weren’t either. But I was surprised to learn that the Environmental Protection Agency knew too – for the last three decades! 

That’s right. Documents have recently come to light that reveal the EPA knew that glyphosate was a carcinogen as early as 1985. Then somehow Monsanto managed to get that all covered up just as they were releasing their Roundup Ready GMO crops. Read the full story from Natural Society below: 

Documents from 1985 have recently been uncovered which show how the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was fully aware of glyphosate’s carcinogenic potential for the last 30 years – yet the organization has done nothing to lessen glyphosate’s use.

It helps that the World Health Organization’s (WHO) IARC recently announced that not only was Monsanto’s glyphosate ‘probably carcinogenic,’ and then followed with a determination that three other pesticides (2,4-D, Lindane and DDT) were likely causing cancer. But the declarations are a day late and a dollar short.

In an EPA memorandum titled: Second Peer Review of Glyphosate, one scientist involved in the discussion wrote in lieu of his signature ‘do not concur.’

Interesting tidbits within the document state:

  • “. . .in 1985 glyphosate was found to be a Group C carcinogen.”
  • “. . .an increase in interstitial cell tumors of the testes of male rats was found.”
  • No carcinogenic effect was found in high-dose female rats, but “pancreatic tumors” were prevalent.

Furthermore, the document itself admits that control data for carcinomas, adenomas, hyperplasia, and other carcinogenic responses in the rats was provided by none other than MONSANTO.

Furthermore, as Sustainable Pulse points out, the Class C designation for glyphosate was changed by the EPA six years later to a Class E category which suggests “evidence of non-carcinogenicity for humans.” Mysteriously, this change in glyphosate’s classification occurred during the same period that Monsanto was developing its first Roundup-Ready (glyphosate-resistant) GM crops.

Is it any wonder it has taken so long for a large body with power to state that glyphosate and the other toxic chemicals that Monsanto makes are killing us?

The good news is that the world is now taking action against glyphosate and Monsanto at large.

  • In Brazil, the country’s public prosecutor has written the Brazil’s National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) asking it to urgently re-evaluate their stance on the ‘likely carcinogenic’ herbicide ingredient, glyphosate.
  • And much more

Maybe the U.S. as a nation will soon take similar actions.

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