Local Authorities Fumble to Cover Up Holistic Doctor Death


You may have heard about this. The Health Avengers has been following a string of murders, suicides and missing persons reports from Florida, many doctors or natural MDs. This is yet another mysterious death to follow the same pattern. Why are the police moving so slowly on these cases? What do you think? Is something going on or are these just a series of coincidences?

The author claims people who knew the doctor in question have come forward to hear, saying they do not believe that Mr Whiteside’s so-called cause of death is suspicious. The author also says that the police report came out just after a larger newspaper picked up her story, which alleges the case of Mr. Whiteside’s death was a ‘mess’.

This article was originally published on HealthNutNews.com. We would like to thank them for permission to republish their article.

I first wrote about Jeffrey Whiteside MD just days after he  walked away (on foot with no car) from his family on Monday June 29th of this year never to be seen again.

Coincidentally that is the very same day Teresa Sievers MD was found murdered in her Florida home.

The local paper is calling the whole investigation a “mess” which I detail below. I also do a video above about this which I highly recommend you watch.

Today authorities announced that Jeffrey Whiteside died that very day he disappeared on June 29th and ruled it a suicide.  In my article linked above they did say several weeks after his disappearance they were aware of my series and that they were looking into them, weren’t ruling them out, but did say the feds have not contacted them (Somehow methinks no matter how many die the feds won’t get involved and alas, mainstream- who would usually eat up a case like this- will barely touch it)

Then, a matter of days after they did acknowledge my stories (which again is in the article above) suddenly they found the body of Dr. Jeffrey Whiteside not far from the area which he was last seen just “vanishing” and walking away after a “disagreement” with his wife.

What is confusing to me is if they searched this tiny peninsula  with tons of volunteers, bloodhounds drones and planes for weeks- why did it take so long to find him? They should have been hot on his trail. Apparently the local news agrees this whole investigation is a “mess” as they describe it

For the full article and video mentioned above, click here.

Image Source: http://www.healthnutnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/dead-doctor.jpg

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