Monsanto is making your gut a pesticide factory. Here’s what that means for your health


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Fact: GMO BT-corn keeps creating pesticide in the HUMAN GUT – should Monsanto foot the bill for your sicknesses?

Do you like making quack doctors rich? Keep eating GMO.

Do you like feeling nauseous, weak and confused? Keep eating Monsanto’s BT corn.

Do you like it when you get a common cold or the flu, or some allergies and it turns into a sinus infection, bronchial infection or pneumonia? Keep eating pesticides that kill your good gut bacteria and destroy your immunity.

Seriously folks, we HAVE to pay close attention to everything we eat and stay informed via Natural Health News as to what products are bad and getting worse all the time for humans to consume. It’s simply NOT THE SAME as when we adults were kids and when our parents were kids, especially. Hardly anyone is eating totally organic and from local, healthy farms. We’re not like Europe where you walk down busy streets lined with fresh produce stands and vendors everywhere who DON’T use toxic pesticides, herbicides and insecticides on their food because they like to eat it too! Nobody wants to die from some horrific blood disease they could have easily prevented by being careful and investigating their food, but in the USA the regulatory agencies are all PAID OFF by lobbyists from corporations that insert the genes of pesticides in the seeds of CORN, SOY, CANOLA AND COTTON and everybody better wake up fast before cancer gets them. This is a real struggle and requires constant monitoring of companies and their practices! Check out this news from Natural Health News. Consider what’s going on with food today and how the companies who are putting chemicals in common foods should be RESPONSIBLE for paying the doctor’s bills and hospital bills of those who consume the toxic foods and get sick from them, whether the same day, next day, next week, month, year or whenever!

Should GMO companies be held liable when your gut starts producing pesticides?

Will YOUR intestines burst like a pest that eats corn?

The human digestive system does NOT destroy the trans-genes that create pesticide in the gut, ruining immunity and good flora needed for good bacteria and nutrient base.

“Once transferred into gut bacteria, transgenes may confer survival advantages, allowing them to endure and spread,” the group explains. “The only human feed trial ever published confirmed that genetic material from Roundup Ready soy transferred into the gut bacteria in three of seven human volunteers.”

As reported on Natural

 “Contrary to industry claims, horizontal gene transfer and DNA absorption of GM crops bearing the artificially engineered Bt trait can and does occur. A 2013 paper published in the online journal PLOS One looked at this more in-depth, revealing that DNA molecules from various substances can survive processing and end up being absorbed into the bloodstream. This includes the controversial Bt trait, which was designed to be self-replicating for the purpose of bursting the intestines of pests, thus killing them.”

“The biotech companies insist that Bt-toxin doesn’t bind or interact with the intestinal walls of mammals, and therefore humans. But here too they ignore peer-reviewed published evidence showing that Bt-toxin does bind with mouse small intestines and with intestinal tissue from rhesus monkeys.”

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Consider this:

Modern “food” science, processed food and the chemical medicine industry all thrive on one theory: If something doesn’t make you sick or kill you within 24 hours, then it’s “safe.” SD Wells, investigative journalist, reported this on Natural Health News a couple years ago and 50,000 people shared it on their personal Facebook page:

If you eat some fast food and get deathly sick 48 hours later, from food poisoning, E. coli, Salmonella or artificial hormone overload, it is becoming increasingly difficult to sue a company, corporation or even government entity that is responsible for controlling, manufacturing or regulating the safety of its production. The direct correlation between food-borne and chemical-medicine-borne disease and disorder seems to only boil down to whether or not your insurance covers the catastrophe.”

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