Drink THIS All Natural Tonic to Cleanse your Colon to Improve your Body and Mind

Colon Cleanse

The colon has one of the most important roles in the human body. It maintains the water balance in the body, regulates your immune system and helps in the digestion process.

For proper functioning and generally a healthy body the colon is of vital significance. If the colon is not working properly, toxic waste won’t be removed from the body but instead it will be absorbed in the organism.

For the food to go through the body and all the digestive processes, a minimum of 24 hours are required. Food with poor nutritive value, low in vitamins and enzymes slows down that process for up to 70 hours. The final results of this unpleasant situation can be a great deal of accumulated waste in your body.

Constipation is the most common sign that there is waste in your body. When you experience constipation, removing the waste is painful.

Symptoms of toxic colon:

  • Immune system

Skin rash, problems with the urine tract, vaginal infection, weak immune system.

  • Mood swings

Poor memory, changes in the mood, anxiety, tiredness, depression.

  • Common wellbeing

Pain in the muscles and joints.

  • Symptoms in the digestive tract

Pain in the stomach, bad digestion, gas, diarrhea, bloating, constipation. A program for cleaning the body known as The Master Cleanser was developed in 1940s by Stanley Burroughs which dealt with an alternative medicine. The process of complete body cleansing lasts 10-16 days.


  • 3 dl filtered water
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  • 1/10 tablespoon of cayenne pepper powder
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  • 2 tablespoon organic maple syrup
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  • ½ fresh lemon juice
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Process of preparation:

Preparation of this powerful medicine is very easy. Only thing you need to do is to mix all of the ingredients and consume the mixture for at least 10 days, 5-8 times a day.

Also, essential oils are the best support in the process of detoxification of the organism.

To see the full story on the drink that cleanses your colon please visit the original post here. This excerpt was published with permission from Healthier Way of Life.

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