Pleading Letter Sent to the FBI About the Strange Holistic Doctor Deaths. How Will THEY Respond?


Over the summer I was able to correspond with Colleen Huber, NMD, about the series of articles I was gently breaking over the tragic deaths of the holistic doctors. Out of the first six who died, four were here in the state of Florida. My better half (a holistic DO of 30 years) and I knew several of the doctors. He also knew Dr. Huber, which made me feel comfortable talking with her.

It seemed like a day didn’t go by without another doctor contacting me concerning the mysterious spate of deaths.

Dr. Huber wasn’t the first doctor to let me know she’d contacted the feds, urging them to investigate the many mysterious deaths- in under 90 days- of doctors in the holistic community, but like the others (one, a prominent MD in New York who is still alive) she couldn’t get the feds to budge or do so much as look into the matter.

The well known Manhattan doctor (who asked to remain nameless) let me know that her connection, who is in “intelligence”, informed her that he couldn’t even think of looking into it as none of the deaths were murders.  Actually, if he’d just taken a peek into the deaths he’d see that at least four are confirmed murders. Five are alleged suicides and some are so mysterious (beyond those nine) that they’ve made national news.

I didn’t publish Dr. Huber’s letter right away as it seemed from the moment I first broke the news of the beloved Dr. Bradstreet’s death, I couldn’t finish one piece before another doctor we knew or respected was found dead.

Here is Dr Huber talking as a guest expert on TV about the sugar cancer connection.

There has also been a resurgence of interest in the Dr. deaths as another site ran an article last week, written by someone under a pseudonym, claiming the doctors were all murdered and all here in Florida. They wrote the article the other day yet their links were all nearly 6 months old.

The truth is that only three Dr.’s were living in Florida and one was visiting (making four who died in Florida). There are 13 non accidental deaths and well over 20 if we count the accidents, all of which I’ve reported on, including the famous 31 year old holistic MD (who wrote for the Huffington Post, among others) who died in Hawaii in Ocotober when she allegedly fell and hit her head on some rocks. There were countless other doctors dying in strange accidents as well, most this summer.

Only a handful of those dozens of deaths occurred here in the Sunshine state.

This inaccurate article had a link, amongst other things, to a radio show from July (whose host has been very kind to me in our brief correspondence). This host interviewed a local Florida PhD (although we cannot find any information about his PhD and a request for info about it hasn’t been answered) who said that the doctors were connected and working with Dr. Bradstreet (and connected to Dr Nick Gonzalez) on this breakthrough discovery about Nagalase and the GcMAF/vaccine connection.

As you may know, I’ve interviewed the Bradstreet family exclusively and have talked with family and loved ones of more than one of the doctors who died, including the others he mentioned on the show.

I’ve reached out to this Florida PhD (as have others) and at this time he hasn’t responded to our inquires about his claims but some of the loved ones said they have NO knowledge of this whatsoever. I’ll be doing a story on this so stay tuned.

It hurts all of us when people make, what some might call, outrageous claims and refuse to give information to substantiate it. As it’s the holidays we’ll give him a bit more time to respond and we’ll reserve judgement, or give his name, until after Thanksgiving- just in case he’s on the road.

We do know that Dr. Bradstreet (MD) worked with GcMAF and his offices were raided by the FDA shortly before he was found dead, but allegedly NO GcMAF was found and he was not arrested nor charged. We believe GcMAF is a piece of the puzzle in this mystery but probably not the smoking gun some would lead us to believe.

Here is the well respected Dr. Colleen Huber’s open letter (her 2nd attempt no less!) to the FBI.  We’ve had several more die since she sent this letter and both were alleged suicides. We thank Dr. Huber for being bold enough to speak out, she is one brave doctor.
From: Colleen Huber NMD
To : Federal Bureau of Investigations:

I’m sharing the letter below On 7/27/15, I filed a request on this site, [],  for the FBI to investigate a series of assassinations of alternative medical providers, whom I listed by name.  I got no response.  The assassinations have continued, and a number of them have been falsely called suicides by local law enforcement.  Since I wrote, Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez and Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, both of NY, both well-known to the alternative medical community, were killed.  Calling the killings of some of these doctors suicides, or looking for a family member to blame, amounts to negligence of investigative duties, contradicts our knowledge of them and are libelous insults to the doctors and their families.

Many of the assassinated doctors were well known in the alternative/natural health community, and are known to be absolutely NOT suicidal.  It is imperative that we share in the exquisitely beautiful lives of our present and future children and grandchildren in the decades to come, and the many other joys of being alive.  I speak for myself, as an effort of self-preservation, as well as for my similarly life-loving colleagues, several of whom have been brutally murdered.

How much more do the rest of us who practice alternative medicine have to beef up ubiquitous surveillance, monitoring, security and a wide array of defenses?  Rather than having the at-risk population incur these responsibilities and expenses, it would be much better if law enforcement would rise to the responsibility of a proper investigation.

Will you please investigate, and will you please acknowledge receipt of this message?  As before, I am again publishing this letter on a semi-public blog, in order to alert my colleagues to recent events.  Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Colleen Huber NMD

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Erin Elizabeth


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Erin Elizabeth, is a long time “health nut” with a passion for the healing arts, for nearly 25 years. She is an author, public speaker, and advocate for healthy living. You can get Erin’s book here for free and also watch a short documentary on how she overcame vax injuries, Lyme disease, a significant weight gain, and more. Follow Erin on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
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