Study’s Say That THIS Mushroom Activates Your Body’s Cancer Fighting Abilities (And So Much more!)


Reishi – Ganoderma lucidum contains high concentrations of organic germanium, polysaccharides and tripertene. These active components strengthen our immune cells and boost the immune system.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, Ganoderma lucidum (reishi) helps in better functioning and for treatment of various human diseases including: respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive, endocrine and neurological diseases. It helps regulate the entire physical mechanism and metabolism – to ensure that all organs are working normally.

Anti – tumor effects of Ganoderma lucidum (reishi)

The main cause of the development of tumors in humans is the weak immune system. The best effect in the fight against cancer, Ganoderma lucidum achieves by regulating and activating the immune system, in particular by increasing the body’s immune system – and the ability of self – defense of the human body against tumors.

Most of the research for anti – tumor effects of mushrooms is conducted in Japan. The Research Institute of the National Cancer Center in Tokyo, Ikekawa and associates, are examining on mice since 1969, in which were previously transplanted sarcoma 180, anti – tumor activity of extracts of edible mushrooms. After 5 years, Hamuro and Chihara in a common research confirmed this studies.

The main results of this studies:

  • Lentinula edodes (shiitake) – the rate of stopping tumor growth is 80.7%, with complete tumor regression in 6 of 10 cases.
  • Coriolus versicolor – the rate of stopping tumor growth is 77.5%, with complete tumor regression in 4 of 8 cases.
  • Genoderma Lucidum – the rate of stopping tumor growth is 98%, with complete tumor regression in 4 of 5 cases.

It is especially important to note that some anti – tumor agents are not effective only on primary tumors, but also are reducing the possibility of metastasis development. Stated researchers, and also Taguchi, Maeda, Aoki, Nanba and many others, have irrefutably proven that some medicinal mushroom show a high or very high rate of stopping tumor growth.

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