The One Thing Oncologists Should NEVER Say to Their Patients (and do every day)


Video Transcript: What a Doctor Should Never Say to a Cancer Patient

Ty Bollinger: Bill, you mentioned fear. Can you talk about the role that fear plays in the cancer equation?

Bill Henderson: Oh, yeah. Well, what is important for people to understand about cancer is that it is a response to something that has happened to our bodies. One of the things, of course, is emotional upset, as you know. Emotions of all kinds affect our bodies in a way that is quite harmful, simply because one of the things it produces physically in our body is something called cortisol.

Cortisol is a hormone. When it’s produced it causes acidity in our body. So, in any kind of emotional upset, stress, whatever, it is producing acidity, which is conducive to cancer. Cancer loves an acid state in our body’s fluid. The other thing it does, of course, is weaken our immune system. So, any reaction like that, panic or fear, is causing an emotion that is harmful to our health.

Ty Bollinger: So, Bill, if you have an oncologist that tells his or her patient that “you’ve got terminal cancer, you’re going to be dead in six months.” I can see that creating a response that would be then more detrimental. The patient would be in worse shape then than before they had heard that diagnosis, because of the emotional reaction.

Bill Henderson: Yeah, it is very well-proven that not only does this program the brain literally to listen to this “god,” this doctor that we all worship from toddlerhood on as the person that has the answers when we are sick. And he has just given you a death sentence. Well, this programs your mind, this guy must be correct and your mind controls your body in major ways. The other thing, of course, that those kind of things cause is a continuing emotional problem, where the person literally is trying to live out the six months they’ve been given to live in, but they’re living in an atmosphere of fear.

It is extremely damaging to have those kind of death notices, I call them, the terminal notice that somehow you’re not going to survive. This is very, very vicious. It should be criminal, but it’s not, unfortunately. The doctors basically, as I understand it, with those kind of prognoses are trying to cover their behinds, basically, that is all.

I mean, if the person dies within two or three months and they’ve not anticipated it, they could by sued by the family. So, they give you a death notice. If you don’t die, well, they’re okay. If you do, they’ve covered themselves.

This article was republished with permission from The Truth About Cancer.

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